Triggers and properties hurt my brain

It holds data something like that?

properties basically store data like your score
this property gets checked through checkers or block code to trigger different events


my guy is smarter than some of us.
But yeah, variables are used in plenty of things, including actual algebra!


@CaptionPuffy yeah, basically. It’s a value that can change based on actions

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Here is a guide on an intro to triggers, block code, and properties:


Heres my guide, but I think I explained it a bit, doesn’t use properties.

Property just stores data, it’s just your own virtual item, except it can easily be multiplied and stuff. It’s just a variable that you have the power of.


Do these help? @CaptionPuffy

I learned the block code here through making among us voting systems


best way to learn is take a guide with block code and make it yourself

I’m slowly reading them.

can someone someday just EXPLAIN block code, in simple terms?

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I tried many times but it ended up ruining my patience

It’s code- instructions for computers
There isn’t really a simple explanation past that, everything else is more in depth about how to use block code and what different blocks do.

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ight i give up
ima go do my hw now
blocks are to confusing
i wish they were ez
like building blocks u would use in pre-k


Did you try reading the guide I linked?

But people could make the complicated stuff simple (er) right?

Yes that’s what I needed help with what does the blocks do and what would it effectively change.

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block code is a simpler version of code because each block already has a line of code in it so you don’t have to know any coding languages

Basically, I wanna set my variable to a randomized integer. A integer is a whole number, negative, positive, and 0.

So, I made it so that if B=1, it using the logic thing, and if B=1 cause I changed it, it broadcast a certain message.

I mean… some the blocks are pretty self explanatory, but for those that aren’t, just ask someone haha