Triggers and properties hurt my brain

I am familiar with how to use most of the devices, except for triggers and properties… I would like to learn what the blocks do and how to use them…

if this is off-topic or causes a fight I will happily delete this or mark a solution without finding one…


Basically, triggers can be used for block code, and properties is just like a virtual item.


w post
now if anyone posts here telling us how to use it
then i can finally learn!


Triggers can also be used for a multitude for stuff, also triggering out stuff! It’s usually used in any block code guide, as it’s like a coding hub.

Hopefully this helps! Only like 2 weeks ago I was absolutely stuck with properties. Now I can comfortably do block code with them!

But how does each block work, and how do I connect them correctly?

i still can’t. ADHD sucks.


Done scratch before? It’s like that.

scratch is easier

Wait, let me get a photo of something I did for my map. Then I can explain what I did each step thoroughly.


Properties can be tough. But… it gets simple if you get the idea. Properties are essentially variables.

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ADHD does suck… I can relate

dont let adhd stop you from doing things!
i cant do block code either :confused:

Me three! Do you know what a variable is?

Scratch is actually just the same as gimkit, just worded differently and slightly different things. But lemme get that screenshot

Thank you! I didn’t think anyone would fully explain!

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thanks! Its just the blocks here are much more difficult to understand than scratch blocks.

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A variable can be thought of as a box that stores data. It has a name, and a value. Variables can hold numbers, letters, or true false values in gimkit.

how do u compare variables and properties?
cant u find out what a property is?
or am i being a goober rn

I mean… properties ARE variables.


Variable is just something that can change, example in math.

You can replace it differently too, like