Trigger-Relay-Relay interactions

I was thinking about @NavyCatZ’s statement where she said something along the lines of using a random player relay → all players on my team relay to call all players on a random team. That got me thinking: what combinations of two relays do things that we can use? Second iteration relays are not very intuitive to me, so any help is appreciated! The end goal could be a list of double relays and what they do, sorted by number (1-1 would be all players → all players, as “all players” is the first option in the relay menu) that people could use for interactions, like a supplementary to TUGTEDs 1 & 2.


Ooh, iterations…

These types of device interactions are not easy. Like, what would “All players → random player” do?

it would choose random players the amount of times that there are people?? idk

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uhm, i just tried it and it did, nothing?

What was your setup? @vortex-mist, did you connect something after the second relay?

yeah, an item granter.

Was it set to grant an item? How many alts were you using?

it was set to grant a gimberry, i was using 3-4 alts

And NOTHING happened? Run the expirement again, or provide photo evidence, because I want to SEE this.

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OMG WTH thats so cool

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oh it does something alright, it gave 2 alts two gimberries, 1 alt one gimberry, and it didn’t give me or the last alt one. The interesting thing is that from one trigger, (my setup is trigger, - relay, -relay, -grant) It relayed 5 times.
@ClicClac, this is weird, but cool
Edit: i think it relayed 5 times bc there was 5 players. Also, it gives the players random amounts of gimberries, but some don’t even get any


We should conduct more experiments like this…
Also what I think happened is it relayed 5 times, and the random player chose a person to grant the gimberry to each time. It chose your first alt twice, your second alt twice, your third alt once, and the other two were not chosen at all.

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i just ran another experiment, i added more relays to it. I connected the random player relay to another all players relay, and that relay is connected to another random player relay that is wired to another item granter that will grant a cash berry. I got 3 gimberries, 9 cashberries, The first alt got 1 gimberry, three cashberries, the second alt got 7 cashberries, no gimberries, the third alt got 4 cashberries, no gimberries, and the last alt got 1 gimberry and 2 cashberries.

Oh this is fascinating

Maybe a concept ?


It chooses a random amount of people

Putting random first iterates a random amount of times the audience of the 2nd relay has something happen to them under a normal distribution.

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This is a really good idea!

i don’t get it???