🕵️‍♂️ Top 5 Devices To Use For Detective Games!

Hey, creators! :sunglasses: Wanting to create a DETECTIVE game in Gimkit and not sure which devices to use? Maybe you do and do not know how to exactly use them correctly? Well, you’re in luck because these devices mentioned could possibly make your goal closer or perhaps even more easier!

Before we get into this list I’d like to mention that there are guides for specific devices if you don’t exactly understand them. The nature-of tag and resources tags have plentiful resources for in-depth guides for such devices, and they will be linked below :point_down::

On the Nature of a Waypoint: A Comprehensive Study On the Waypoint’s Biology and Its Place In the Community [WIP]
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The Popup :speech_balloon:: Explained
On the Nature of a Trigger: A Deeper Study on its Biology and Role in Gimnature

Now let’s get into the devices! Enjoy! :tada:

Barrier :no_entry_sign:

Of course, barriers are naturally good for nearly anything, whether it’s for hiding something or creating a keep away effect, these primarily ginormous devices are great for nearly anything mysterious and/or detective! Here are some quick and easy ways to use them:

  • The concerned detective enters a destroyed restaurant, but there’s debris everywhere ! They can’t get any closer because there is a huge door blocking the entire way! Oh, no! How could they get past? Let’s see what they do!

Waypoint :mag:

Waypoints are necessary in creating clues. When using waypoints, you can signal or create an “arrow” to something. Here are some quick and easy ways to use them:

  • The detective doesn’t know where to go. Once he completes this task to get some more information, he sees an arrow pointing to where they could go! The waypoint is activated, and it leads them to yet another incredible crime scene! Oh, the horror!

Camera View :camera:

I cannot say this any stronger than I can: THIS IS THE BEST DEVICE TO USE IN THIS GENRE. It is absolutely perfect for searching and finding mysterious items. Here are some quick and easy ways to use them:

  • The detective cannot see anything from where they’re standing, so they decide to get closer–bam ! The screen goes closer and the detective, thankfully, can see a lever to push! They push it! Mission complete for them!

Trigger :zap:

The trigger is great for creating lots of traps and events for players. It is probably the second best device to use because it is essential to creating events. It can even be stepped on! Here are some quick and easy ways to use them:

  • When the detective enters the room, they step on a certain trigger and–No! There was a booby trap there! They are now locked in an enclosed space! Find the button to get out!
  • The brave detective has triggered, and then it reveals a prop! It provides a clue! Now, where could they possibly go this time?

Popup :left_speech_bubble:

This device is excellent for sending messages to players besides notifications! Notifications are different from these popping-up devices! Here are some quick and easy ways to use them:

  • The detective enters the catastrophic scene, where the homes’ roofs are nearly decapitated! They see a piece of paper lying on the rooftop and pick it up----a letter! They read it, scanning it for possible information.

Even if you haven’t finished, the information you’ve currently provided is good enough to hold you off. Also, the wip isn’t used, just put it in the title. :smile:


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