Timers being the bane of my existence, part 2 of Infinity

My timer, again doesn’t work.
It’s supposed to time with an accuracy to the second (obviously), and stop for each player individually when they teleport to a teleporter.

The code for the game overlay.

What is supposed to happen?


What actually happens?

The game overlay doesn’t show up.

I empathize but cannot help.

This is to complicated for me.

the picture is too blurry i cant read it properly cuz i have bad eyesight so i cant help you

I am sorry, I don’t read block code very well. Mabey somebody like @getrithekd can help you because they are very good at block code.

How is the timer updating the screen overlay? Is it changing every broadcast message?

What is your trigger setup?

Give me a second to get the pictures.

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image Trigger A’s settings

Trigger A
Trigger B
image Trigger B
image Counter
Game Overlay
image GO
image GO

Look at the counter. What does it say?

Nothing special, it just updates the property.

No, like make the counter visible in-game. Is it working correctly? Is it incrementing correctly?

The counter is visible in-game.

And it’s working fine?

This whole setup worked, but I had a repeater instead of a trigger clock. I took it out because the timer didn’t stop for each player, but other than that, it worked fine.

After I took it out, the game overlay is no longer appearing.

It’s not incrementing.

Okay, I had a combination of small issues, the biggest one being forgetting a channel to start the timer. I think I’m good now!



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