Timers being the bane of my existence, part 3 of Infinity

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what bappened

oh yeah we played your game in game night in discord… uh…

things did not turn out well.

The timer is skip counting up by (people in game). The settings are unchanged. Look in the linked post. Any pictures can be provided be me, @here_to_help, or @Apoll02.

Oh no what happened late joining breaks the game badly

#1: no one knew how to play

#2: the timer was incrementing by 12.

so unstable, the game night host ended it.

I kinda like sketch drawings as pfps though. @mysz

Wait. If those were the only issues, then I consider that a success! The “How to play” can just be some bonus content, and I’ll figure out how to fix the timer eventually.


It was 3 the first time and 12 the second time, but any solution needs to work with any amount of players.

I’m just imagining how after 5 seconds it said a full minute passed :rofl:


if you used an all players relay it wouldve repeated the timer 12 times for each person and since im assuming the property was global it would have a repeat for everyone

Just checking, were the scopes set to player?

Might be a logic error.

if you use a global property you could just use a lifecycle and not relay it to everyone else, as it would still update

The scope for the triggers are set to player.

is the property set to player

otherwise everyone will share the same property and they will increase each others

The property is also set to player.

what do you use for the game overlay?
bc I think there is a setting for scope on that too