Thumbnail Help Please!

So I’m making a new game, and will publish to Gimkit Creative.

(Not giving details because that would be advertising)

Would anybody help me make a thumbnail and a name for it? Im stuck

What is your game? What is it about?
Also, you don’t need the first part of this topic, as it probably would be flagged as advertising…

I would be glad to help!

Umm we need to know what its about…and what you want thumbnail to be like.

Also, once requesting one here, it will be posted here:

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you you need a thumbnail, you can ask on the wixsite!

Can someone make a thumbnail of a gim (please not a skin that sentries can be)

“Talking” to a scarecrow prop in front of the red tent prop.

Also if you make one, tell me if you want credit.

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Never mind i did my own…

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