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How to make a battle royale game

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Make sure to check out the new-user-must-read and forum-tips tag!

The Community Made Guides category is also very useful! The posts there give you a gist of the rules and mechanics in Gimkit Creative!

I suggest also reading the TOS and FAQ!

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This is off topic please mark a solution unless there is more like a guide on how to make it or if you are asking how to make it…and welcome to the forum @Legends

I do want to learn how to make it could someone teach me how to make a battle royale game like that

How to make a full Battle-Royale game
[ :newspaper: Resources] Resources for Battle Royale

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Look in battle-royale

Was this helpful? if not change it to help and something like how to make gimnite battle royale and we can help you further…if it gave you what you needed please mark a solution as soon as possible. Also don’t forget to read the rules and requirements like here… [Resources for new-user-must-read]
(Resources for new-user-must-read)


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One yes clef is correct two don’t say in such a hateful tone or you might get flagged.(speaking from experience)

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that’s not necessarily true, blackhole did that and wasn’t banned, but it is risky and not reccomended

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As haiasi said to me just because someone gets away with doing something doesn’t mean you should do it just because others got away with it…there is a wix for a reason…

maybe the mods warned him?


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thats true but cassius’ and clef’s post still stands true

ok back on topic

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again as I stated before he may not have a solution and if he does not he should tell us and change title…for now let’s leave it be till he responds or take action by marking solution so we do not get flagged for unnecessary clutter.

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(post deleted my author; clutter)

hey can you rename it I had made it up when I first discovered gimkit =( it was my idea I had worked so hard on it to hear this

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how long have you been playing gimkit

Please don’t get off-topic.

got it but why was my gimkit game deleted