This is an off topic post

Was it on the discover page?
Someone might’ve reported it.

Does it abide with the publishing guidelines?

but i lost my 1k gim creds and now i cant publish anything cause i reached my limit and me and my friends are already working on season 2

i think i know why i had a pixel gun on the front cover

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If you decide to publish it again, be sure to remove anything else like that.


got it
thanks for telling me

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you can look in the battle-royale tag. Also i don’t think this is off topic, right?

This is asking why their game got deleted, which is off topic.


It was called Gimnite Battle Royale

Guys this is off topic STOP responding…leave the topic alone before you get flagged!! This is my last warning before I just leave it alone and let you guys get flagged…

I get it but they’re actually helping me i dont know if you know but an entire game got deleted and i lost 1,000 creds not tryna be rude but let them help me

Ok then make a new help topic…you don’t have to you can continue getting flagged or get help on a new help topic you make and not get flagged (as long as you put it under bugs and say help my game got deleted or something like that) your choice!

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please mark a solution so no one is flagged for this is off-topic @Legends
Also welcome to the forums @Legends

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HOW i dont know how someone tell me how

there is a solution box somewhere on this topic like this
click solution then open a topic… on category type in help…then as title put whatever you need help with as long as it is on topic. (again read the users must read link i have above!)

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