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Hi guys, so I had a post on PvP tips, and I hope you love this wiki


Quantum Portal


Keep your distance away from the person, and don’t move around as much.

This might seem weird, but pro players will predict where you move and fire to that future destination, so you just ram into the bullet without realizing it.

If you don’t move at all (except for moving backwards) then the bullet will slowly move towards you, giving you time to dodge it.


With Quantum Portal, you cannot let the projectile speed affect you, so you want to keep a close distance, preferably so that the quantum portal is touching the player, so you can maximize the edge that the damage has given you.



I think (my opinion) that blaster is probably the best weapon in GKC because of its INSANE speed and reload. To play against blaster, you want to use a blaster against it, or use snowballs and quantums to keep your head above water. The only strat is to out-think and maneuver them and SLOWLY chip their Hp.


With blasters, you want to shoot and spam, and also remember that blaster has the highest projectile speed of any weapon in game, so it is both sniper and machine gun, and you can use it both ways. Also, be sure to use the big hitbox to your advantage!



Slingshot has a serious problem, the fire rate is not good, in fact, it is one of the worst in the game.

The only buff it has,or HAD, is that it had the fastest projectile speed in game, but now it is overshadowed by the blaster. You want to get close to the slingshot, and destroy them up close.

This strategy works because the slingshot has a very small bullet hitbox. Now this can work to your advantage, or to your demise. The small projectile will be hard to dodge, but hard to aim as well.


To use the slingshot, you want to use a sniping approach towards the enemy, use the small projectile to fit through gaps in their defensive structure.

Also, it has decent range, so keep your distance

Evil Eye


Evil Eye is the second highest damaging weapon in gimkit. The debuff is that it has also the longest reload time in GKC. So to play against it, you have to be very careful and out maneuver the bullets.

Try to attack it when it is reloading, so you have less of a chance to get killed. Something to remember is that with default health, (aka 100 shields, 100 health) it can 2 shot you, so be VERY careful on whether or not to get near them. (also, if reload is off, then you are practically doomed. BUT, if you are far away, and quick on your feet, you can potentially win.(I have won many of these situation))


You want to use props to hide behind when you use evil eyes,so you can reload without dying. Also, you can fill up your inventory with evil eyes, so then, when you are done with one, then you can quickly switch to the other one.



Wand is probably the worst weapon in game, and was meant to be bad for the sentries,

But you can use it too… OK, the strat against this one is just to keep an eye on the bullet, and where your enemy is. This weapon can sneak through defenses, destroying peoples health, ONLY because it does decent damage, and it has a super small bullet, so it is often unseen. Also, it has good projectile speed so watch out.


Let me get something straight,if you can choose, don’t choose the wand, it might look cool, but it is a terrible choice if you have others. If you have to play with, or you want to do this for a challenge, use these tips:

  1. Make sure to get closer, so there is less time for the opponent to react.
  2. If you have friend, tell them to spam, because in a open area, with little cover, and multiple bullets,

it can easily shred through opponents

  1. If you have cover, USE IT



Zapper is an old fashioned machine blaster in gimkit. It has high fireate, so you do not want to get near it, and the zapper has very low range (it might have the worst range) so attacking from a distance is a great idea.


With Zapper, you want to get close, and do not be scared to take a couple of hits, for the zapper can out-damage most weapons easily. Also, make sure to hold your mouse button, because it has a really nice trait (you can do this for blasters too) of being able to hold while firing. It will make it so that you automatically go to the maximum fire rate, so you will be able to kill enemies quickly. Also, it has lower projectile speed, so if you run (with a speed buff) and hold and zapper, you will form a giant orb of zapper blasts. This is not a good strat, but keep this idea in mind.

P.M.L (Portable Muffin Launcher)


The P.M.L is probably the most underused weapon in GKC, because it has no extra special traits.

The P.M.L has a bit of a longer reload, decent damage, a bit lower fire rate, and kinda sucks for PvP.

The strat for destroying opponents with P.M.L is just to be quick on your feet, and keep conscious of where the bullets are. (basically the Wand Strat)


I typically don’t suggest P.M.L, but it is fine to play with (casually).

You want to aim and kill opponents just by being patient, and waiting for them to make a mistake, the launch a couple muffins (de-licose) at them.


So here I am going to give to a CRUCIAL strat!

So the golden rule is… To NEVER shoot directly at people.

Now you might be like WhAt, but when people are moving, shooting the bullet directly at someone will result into a missed shot, so shoot beside them! Also make sure to make random movements to confuse enemies!


Now I know some of you guys are going to ask about heals so I added a section for it too.
Here it is! SO on the topic of heals, I would SERIOUSLY recommend that you use shield cans, because in a pvp situation, you might be able to find 3 secs to pop a shield can, but not 6 seconds to use a med pack.

PVP methods

The low health trick:
So y’all know about this one in Minecraft, if your low on health, you try to knock down your opponent at the bridge into the void. This is kind of like that method. So when your low on health from PVP, go to a closed in area use the Quantum Portal to kill them.
The double crossover
So only use this trick if your like a 10/10 PVP master (I can’t even do this one and I grind PVP 24/7) So when you have a blaster, and there are two people coming at you from both directions, spray them. Move your blaster from side to side super fast.
The predicament:
If you have a strong/fast weapon like a slingshot or an evil Eye, use it to deal big damage to your opponents. So the most important thing about this is you need to try to predict where your opponent is gonna go to.

THANK YOU FOR READING (this took me a week to make)
PLEASE comment what you think of this!
Thanks to FireBirds2000
for teaching me these strats ( and being annoying)
LOTS of thanks to @California_Love and @Captain-Gim for supporting me here!

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