== The Ultimate Guide To Fighting Games == [WIP]

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Welcome To The Ultimate Guide!
This Is No Hoax. Not The Mediocre Guide, Not The Okay Guide. Welcome To…
The Ultimate Guide.


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Now this guide is about fighting games, which entails such masterpieces like Street Fighter, Smash Bros, and the epically legendary fighting game Banjo Kazooie. Kidding, no worries.
But the goal of this is for anyone to come here and find the game they want, and make it. There’ll be a collection of guides made by the community, and this will also entail other fighting games made outside of this guide as long as I have time to edit.
This will cover a few basic games, covering from real games, platformer games, and a whole lot more, and I’ll add a little more area in case anyone else wants to edit. This guide shall (Hopefully) provide accurate descriptions of games so well no new guides are needed, and this may be the guide so nobody needs to make any others.
Also, this guide can be used for other fighting games. I use Street Fighter and Smash Bros as a reference, but they apply to most games like this.
To credit guides, although I didn’t use any of them but they were still great, they’ll be directly below this, right about here. Not required reading, but a link-related badge would be nice.


Super Smash Bros Guide (Part 2 out!) [wip]
Super Smash Bros Guide (Full Part 2)
Super Smash Bros Guide (Full Part 2) [wip] other post would not let me edit for some reason
:scroll: The Ultimate Guide To PvP!
Super Smash Bros Guide (Full Part 2)

Only Part Two. No Part One. Submit To The Part Two.

The Ultimate Guide Contains
-------[The Basics] --------

-1. The Intro-
-2. The Goal-
-3. The Settings-
-4.The Lobby-
-5. The Tutorial-


-6. The Mechanics-
-7. The Characters-
-8. The World-
-9. The Balancing-
-10. The Non-Player Characters-


-11. The Final Bosses-
-12. The Extra Material-
-13. The Outro-

-------[THE BASICS-------

-1. The Intro-

Welcome To Your Game. You’ve Opened it Up, From Scratch.
What should you do? What can you do?
From here, I recommend that you face the facts. Unless you’re so overconfident you think you’ll solve world hunger, discover a new alien species, and fix the forums whilst doing a backflip, I think you might need to look at this helpful little guide I made to determine where you’re at:


  • Not Great At Blocks
  • Checks Simple Guides Frequently
  • Hasn’t Seen/Knows About Many Props/Devices


  • Occasionally Uses Randomizers And Properties
  • Has Some Degree Of Independance
  • Has An Understanding Of Most Devices/Props


  • Fluent In Block Code And Properties
  • Is A Big Boy; Can Work Well Without Guides
  • Rarely Needs Help (Aside From Thumbnails And Advanced Block Code)

I Recommend This Guide As A Solid Advanced Or Higher.
You just need to understand the process, and use the right objects.
You can choose from a number of games.
Do you want to make a Street Fighter game? A Smash Bros? The ever-exciting action game of Duck Hunt? Well, this guide will teach you the basic then delve into later areas of singular game-building.

-2. The Goal-

Most fighting games start two ways, like a book:

  • A Person Goes On A Quest
  • A Stranger Comes To Town

There! Every single fighting game on earth can be shoehorned into this area of plot. The beginning should start in one of these ways, and the goal should be to either:

  • Boss Defeated
  • You’re Defeated

Once again, everything falls into one of these categories.
The goal should either be, using these examples:

Street Fighter
When a dangerous man decides to take over the world and make a world-wide challenge of the greatest fighters on the planet, you have been chosen to fight the best of the best to restore peace to the world. If you win, peace is restored, if you lose, then everyone keeps on fighting (I guess)/

Smash Bros Ultimate
When a dangerous interplanetary space orb decides to take over the multiverse and male a world-wide challenge of the greatest fighters in the multiverse, you have been chosen to fight the best of the best to restore peace to the world. If you win, peace is restored, if you lose, the world is destroyed.

Sound similar? Well, most games sound pretty much just like this.
Make your own goal or your own game, but most go like this, and remember, keep it simple.

-3. The Settings-

Preferably But Not Limited To:

Teams: Free For All - Fighting Is The Whole Idea
Ally / Enemy Indicators: Enabled - In Case You Want Teams
Maximum Health: 200 - So Nobody Loses Too Early
Maximum Shield: 1 - We Don’t Need This Where We’re Going
Starting Health: 100% - Well Duh
Starting Shield: 0% - Who Wants One Shield
PvP Damage Enabled: On - Well Duh
Score Type: Knockouts - Or Properties
Item Slots: Two - One To Two Weapons
Infinite Refills: On - Unless You Get Shards From Knockouts
Allow Gadget/Resource/Consumable Drop: Off - No Cheesing Your Game
Disable Knockouts From Activity Feed: Yes - You’ll See Later

-4. The Lobby-

Your Lobby Can Be Based Off Of One Of These Numerous Guides:

Aforementioned Guides

This Is For The Lobby-Making Challenged Player.
How to make a good lobby
Get Out Your Reading Glasses/
The not so quick guide on lobbies
It’s Somewhat Alright, I Guess.
Four Seasons, Four Lobbies: Ideas For Lobbies
Beginner Friendly.
How to Make a Lobby

The idea behind the lobby is that you should make it entertaining, after all, if you want to share your dream with your class, friends, or family, then you need something entertaining while people wait for the game to be started.
Your fighting game can be themed whatever, but at least make a lobby. This organizes the game, and a clear title should be placed somewhere visible to players.
The font should never, ever do anything basic. Make it pop. Make it large, but most important… Don’t Ever In A Million Bazillion Years Use Rubik. Basic font is bad. You aren’t bad. Therefore, you shouldn’t use basic font. I recommend Fugaz One, the original font.
Remember, if you’re making any lobbies, keep them relevant to the game. There are a number of players who quit the game from thumbnail, description, or lobby alone.

Bad First Impressions:
Thumbnail: Stolen / Unrelated Image
Title: Smah Bros Ultmitate
Description: “fight your frends and have funny”
Lobby: No Lobby / Basic Font Or No Detail

Good First Impressions:
Thumbnail: Well Made Thumbnail Related To Game
Title: Super Gim Bros. Ultimate
Description: “Fight Against Your Opponents With A Selection Of 12+ Players And Many Stages Available At Your Disposal, Faithfully Recreated From The Original Game.”
Lobby: Well Made, Clear, Fun Lobby.

Note: Teleporters In Lobbies Cause Havok. They’re Fun But, Use One Or Two Pairs. Control The Madness.

-5. The Tutorial-

Your Tutorial Should Include The Following:

Something resembling a fight scene, like a lab floor background against a basic, boring sentry. Name it something boring, like PracticeBotOne.
Your Player Has To Fight It, And It Just Shows Attacking Mechanics.
Now, when all is said and done, your player has to fight it, and if they get damaged, from the sentry itself, or just from a placed laser to advance the tutorial, then you need to give a little insight to med packs or shield cans, but those can go unused.

The spirit of the tutorial is that your player understands what’s going on. It needn’t have anything like a fanciful, memory consuming, time wasting problem, but you can customize it easily soon.

Next, the real stuff is coming up. The setup is done, so it’s time for you to make the game.


-6. The Mechanics-

The mechanics for your game should be fighting, and this comes with great responsibility. Make your weapons balanced, and most of all, make the mechanics balanced. So don’t give players legendary weapons, basic health, and an arsenal of shield cans.
The players should have about no shield cans, med packs, or anything healing, unless your character has a special ability triggered by a game overlay, but health granters work better.

Mechanics work like this: You need a balanced and god game. Your favorite fighting game, just think. Did it have sloppy, basic font, and terrible, boring, low-quality work? Just search up Smash Bros, and you fight terrible remakes.
This also has to be game relevant. If your game has a stamina mechanic, you figure it out. If your game has a mechanic like a dash, then find it. Just don’t’ make your game a terrible map, and add the lore, no matter how relevant. And don’t make it Rubik.

Most mechanics are based off of special mechanics, like pressing a game overlay, or pressing a game overlay, or even pressing a game overlay.
Overlays are great. Set it to button, set the scope to player, and when it’s pressed, then make it give health, a new weapon for a limited time, and organize a cooldown. You could also give a speed boost or a dash. If they add gravity (hint, hint, Josh), then you can adjust it for higher speed or more gravity for others.
Overlays can activate on channels, give multiple timed boosts, or make a sentry spawn in the middle of the map, though that might be hard to coordinate if you have multiple maps.

Notice: Read The World And The Characters To Have A Full Understanding Of The Game

Well, there are some great games out there that don’t use advanced mechanics, but instead rely on interesting art and fast paced kind of ways to progress your game and draw players in.
Like how not all heroes wear capes, not all fighting games have to be incredibly advanced. Look back to LoneWolf’s smash bros map, and it looks great! One might even say the art style pretty much lifted the game up from where it would have lingered, thumbnail to lbby to game itself!
Art is just as useful as overlays and power-ups.

-7. The Characters-

Your game needs to be diverse. Your game is fighting, action galore, and among other things, it must be new. Fresh. Make it pop. One way to do this is to make all of your characters not look like they came out of the code-cookie cutter and have original things.

Let’s say you’re making a game that includes classic characters such as say (Please don’t sue, Nintendo), Mario and the like. Now your players will have perhaps a powerup for him, like an overlay that boosts damage, and call it plumber’s rage or something. This is all well and good, but if you have Luigi about the exact same, then how do you expect to keep your audiences?
Players need to be diverse, like one character who has a lower amount of health, or your strongest character has a lower speed.

There are three decent way to make your characters unique, and to keep players on your game and to invite others, namely these steps:

  • Include Backstory: This works well to draw your audience in.
  • Add Individual Attacks: New attacks can make your game look advanced.
  • Add Speed/Damage Modifiers: This allows your players to have a balanced game, and consider the good and bad, especially if you tell them the speed or damage they have.

Another neat way to make players interested is to use someone’s name in the guide, like the, say, ClicClac Cart in a racing game, or the GimMech or something like that. It’s a little nod to regulars, like me.

Note: If this guide helped you in any way, include my name in your map. Literally anywhere. Don’t even care.

-8. The World-

The world is basically your spooky, malformed, twisted playground!
Edit, build, destroy, eliminate, generally inconvenience, and duel whoever you want with these tips on world-building.

Stage Select

The stage selection should be a great big area, preferably flat, no methods to knock out your opponents early, and filled with great buttons covered on a sea of wires or a well-placed channel.
The ground should be something simple, I recommend for platformer Grass, Catwalk, or Dark Scraps, but you do you. The players should also easily see what they’re doing when they click the button, like a big text over the screen saying Ryu or Ken.
There can be a separate room for changelogs and character origin stories, but the stage select is a world of its own. Got that>

Battle Arena

Smash Bros
For a classic game like Smash Bros, don’t go off on your own path to create a trash map filled with dispersed terrain and a million lasers. Make it a battlefield, flat ground, like a flipped, squashed triangle, and put some platforms on top. Easy. This can be modified with terrain, powers, or props, but keep it battlefield.

Street Fighter
This kind of game has no ledges, no pitfalls, and possibly a barrier to avoid jumping too high. Your players should have less movement because they’re moving back and forth, and though it’s hard to make melee attacks, the new gamemode, as of now not put into Creative, may have melee weapons in store. Until then, it’s hard to make a game like that anymore. Anyways, the map should have a neat background with no collision, barriers so nobody can walk off the side of the map, and a relevant kind of theme. If you’re fighting in Tekken, then it’s not in a small Romanian village. This is a little exaggerated, but the problem is pretty bad.


Add emojis, prop art, and barrier art very thinly spread across your game, and remember, some art can carry your game, or at least make it better, like LoneWolf’s Smash Bros Ultamate (Yes, spelled like that) game.

-9. The Balancing-

Equal out your players by using these steps:

Too Weak: I recommend a upgrade of weapon, a speed boost, a powerful power-up, or just plain dropping that lore-relevant Wooden Wand. It’s too weak. let it go.

Too Boring: Your boring character can have a powerful effect that might broadcast a notification to the other player. Use emojis and improve the name. Art style should also be a big influence. Text and something that pops will help. The main problem with a “Boring” character is that it’s too similar. Just make it different, maybe stronger, maybe weaker. Just keep it balanced.

Too Strong: I recommend a downgrade of weapon, a speed decrease, a decrease in damage, or just plain add that lore-relevant wooden wand. You know you want to. You really do.

With this balancing, make sure that faster characters can’t escape your game somehow, make the ledges equal to faster and slower players, and if you for some reason involve sentries, I recommend don’t.
Unless you consider yourself the singularly most great character-balancing wizard of wizard-ey things, then it makes it really hard to make a character completely and totally balanced.

-10. The Non-Player Characters -

Usually useless in games when you’re granted most key functions in the beginning, and weapons can make games where players can unfairly grind for upgrades and get better than others.
Some games can be terrible with NPCs and others can make the game.
For the most part, unless they’re cheering you on and using up an oddly large amount of memory, then try not to use them.
If you are, then either make them attacking, or peaceful.

Attacking: Use weak weapons, this is preferably Players fighting Players. Adding enemies complicates things. I suggest anything but basic health and a zapper. As long as they don’t have a blaster, they’re good. And if they’re attacking, wonder why. Evil Eyes are probably the most balanced for enemies.

Peaceful: Use the following:
“Hello, traveler, what brings you here?”
“Let me tell you of this terrible tragedy that befell the kingdom.”
“Hello, traveler, let me show you my fine goods.”
Note: You can also use scrapped lines from Banjo-Kazooie


-11. The Final Bosses-

-12. The Extra Material-

-13. The Outro-

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