[📋] The ULTIMATE guide to Knockout Managers

Image of a Knockout Manager


The Knockout Manager is a device that allows the ability to track sentry and player knockouts. Many games involving PVP, PVE or just fighting in general will use these to either grant the player money or run a script elsewhere.

In this TUG, you will learn how the Knockout Manager can be used in your games, how you can customize it to fit your game, and its special functionalities inside of blocks.


The Knockout Manager has 3 tabs of customizability. This includes Featured settings, Item-related setting, and Channel-related settings. The Knockout Manager’s active scope setting can be found under All Options.

Targets, Inputs, and Outputs

The “Knockout Target” setting changes what target the manager will look at when something or someone is knocked out. You can choose either Players or Sentries.

The device has 2 inputs and 1 output. You can activate / deactivate the manager with channels, and you can broadcast on a channel when the target is knocked out. Pretty simple.

Item Manipulation

The cool thing about Knockout Managers is that it allows for item drops. Think about how Minecraft zombies drop rotten flesh when you kill them.

You would mostly just use the “Item to Grant” and “Item Amount” settings in you games. These will drop the same item, and the same amount of that item, every single time you kill something. But, if you wanted this item to be rarer, you can use the drop chance setting. This will make the target drop something a percentage of the time.


There are many ways to use the Knockout Manager in your creations. You can use it to add loot tables, or you can use it to send notifications when someone dies. I decided to add as many topics that used the Knockout Manager so that you could build them yourself.


I hope you learned something from this TUG. There’s some stuff I might not have covered, but I think this should be all you need to start work on your game. Good luck, and thanks for reading!

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