{The Ultimate Guide On Bioluminescence Bayou} (Part 3 Of Biome Series) 0/10

Now I know most of my biome Series have been real world biomes but today we have a fantasy biome that was suggested by @ShadowDragon44 he is super creative and helped me pick to biome so yay to him! Now this biome as you read is called Bioluminescence Bayou. Bioluminescence Bayou is located deep in the crust of the Earth and has many unique properties to it. Now, lets hop in!

Luminent Grove

Luminent Grove is a beautiful Grove adorned with luminescent crystals that live on the walls. Now lets get started with our Grove! The first step of the Grove is a cave-like formation. This cave iek formation is made of space rock and can be any circular-ish shape. Here is my basic shape,

The code in the picture is expired, so don’t even try. Okay the next step in to fill the bottom shelf with multicolored water.now when you put the water make sure you have not normal colors of water or it loses the magic, example:

Now add some rock around it,

Will-o`the Wisps

Will-o’-the-Wisps are Floating orbs of light, their glow shifting hues. The way we will recreate this is taking little circle barriers, coloring them yellow, making them small, and putting them over the water as shown:


Unlike most algae, this algae takes shape of the coral. The algae is bioluminescent and can light upany pond. The color of the water is the color of the algae. The way we will show the algae is we will add coral matching the color of the water. Example:


Lumicrystals are crystal that are luminant. They let out a light that lights up the water. The way we are going to make them is take three metal signs and color them bright neon colors. Than put the three signs next to each other and make crystals!
Screenshot 2024-04-03 1.55.15 PM


Glowing Cypress Trees Are Trees That Have A Pulse, when there heartbeats stops, the water the roots touch gets infested and all the fish die. You can see inside the dead fish there are little lights from the trees poison when the tree dies.The way we are going to make this si take a brown rectangle and make it skinny and long.
Screenshot 2024-04-03 2.01.17 PM
next add little diagonal barriers at the bottom as roots like this:
Screenshot 2024-04-03 2.07.32 PM
Now make small red barriers, which will act as leaves.
Screenshot 2024-04-03 2.12.19 PM
Now spam them on the top of the tree and add variation to the colors.
Screenshot 2024-04-03 2.13.17 PM

That is a shallow swim into the life of Bioluminescence Bayou. There is much more that resides in Bioluminescence Bayou, but I am too tired to add the rest. But again shout-out to @Shadowdragon44 And Happy Gimlings!


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It looks short but when you open up the Grove there is more inside it


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You should layer the terrain. At the moment, it looks strangely rectangular and unappealing.

To make the will-o-the-wisps look like they’re glowing, use multiple barriers with no border and varying transparencies layered atop each other.

To make it seem like the bioalgae is lighting up the pond, use white water terrain with multiple circular borderless barriers at .30 transparency around the algae.

sorta like this?


oooooo love the style this guide Is going for :3 cant wait to see the full product or nvm it was finished wished it had more tho ._.


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