💡 How To Make a Lightbulb

Hey there! Here’s a guide on how to make a lightbulb!
(Guy’s I’m really bored, what do I do? I make lightbulbs :slight_smile: )

🤍 Steps
💡 Step One

Place down a broken glass and rotate it however you want. Tint the glass black.

🤍 Step Two

Place down a circular barrier as shown and make it any color you want. Change alpha to 0.42.

💡 Step Three

Place down a smaller barrier and place above the first barrier. Change alpha to 0.76.

🤍 Step Four

You can place more barriers (and change alpha) if you want. Also, change the size as needed! :grinning:

💡 Uses

As @Blackhole927 has mentioned:

While some art guides hold some value, a big part of the problem with them was they got out of control. People started making art guides for obscure and useless things. Ask yourself the following question:
What are the chances someone actually wants to add a gigantic butter sword to their map?
So, while art guides are very useful, the ones frequently made here are anything but that. That’s not to say there are no exceptions to this, but a very large portion of art guides here fall under this category.

This guide is useful for almost any map! You can put lightbulbs in houses, classrooms, and any building! You can also use this guide for those light stick thingys people put in their gardens. :grin:

Hope you liked my guide and have a nice day/night! :heart:


nice! I can see uses for this I will say it is kinda short though


Wow! This was a bright idea!
(yes, i know i should use the like button, but i really wanted to use this joke)


Cool! I like it. 7.8/10!

Bit short, and basic, but who cares? It lights up the forums with this guide. (PUN INTENDED.)


Why so specific, lol

Bro, you tell other people not to do stuff like this. Please try to follow your own advice :smile:


Thank you @Foxy, @MirMirCreates, and @Txme_Lxss! :slight_smile:
Next time I probably should make my guide longer… :sweat_smile:


I didn’t tell anyone anything about what you said, therefore there is no “own advice” to listen to. What I did say was:

If you read that properly, you should see that it says that SOME art guides ARE useful, and it never said anything about “don’t make art guides.”

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Very creative, but kinda short…
(Don’t worry, this is a VERY useful guide!)

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I was talking to @phoque.

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Given the tenth like, and a new badge! :medal_military:

This guide is amazing!
Also, it’s nice that there are more art guides with actual uses.
We should have more of these; literally!


Oh, sorry then, my bad. :sweat_smile:

Thank you @Epi320 and @California_Love! :grin:

Cool guide! This is really helpful for any map.

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Thank you!! :grin:

I used wooden tables instead
Screenshot 2024-03-01 9.02.31 AM

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cool idea!

I was looking for options that took less memory
unfortunately you don’t have as many color options


That looks so cool! :heart:
Also, I don’t think I mentioned it in the guide, but you should put the table(s)/barriers (the light part) on top of the glass. :slight_smile:

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