The Ultimate Guide For Farmchain

In this guide, I will be showing you the basics of how to make one of these.
italicized words - important steps
bold words - must need

Vending Machines/Areas


This might be corny, but this is one of the main devices you are going to need to use.
First, we need the Water Well (prop) to get water, then you are going to need to place the water well and then get a vending machine. the settings should be like this:

Then, go to the “Appearance” Tab, which you will copy this:


Screenshot 2024-03-01 11.16.23 PM

After all of that, it should be finished (The Water Well). Add as many as you want that gives more and more, it’s your choice not mine.


The one thing I forgot to include is an energy system, you can add that if you want, here’s the guide:

Alright, so now that we have that finished that, we can now make an energy shop, where you buy things with energy! Make a vending machine that costs energy, and then add anything you get from buying it. For example, like a seed to plant stuff. Now the last part.


This chapter isn’t really hard, get a vending machine that costs money, (MAKE SURE TO MAKE THE FIRST STARTER SEED TO BE FREE)
If you need to go to the official farmchain map to copy what it costs and how much it sells for, do it!
(By the way, make sure to make a vending machine that gives access to the vending machines, like in the real game, but what you do, is wire the one that costs research to the seeds and put these EXACT settings


To make the research lab, you will need to get a table of you liking, put a vending machine over or under the prop, then set the settings so that you gain research, but lose energy.


This is one of the easier chapters, so be aware.
Get a crafting table from the devices, then, get a crafting recipe. Make the crafting table a plot:

Screenshot 2024-03-01 11.50.28 PM
then get the crafting recipe and make it so you can craft/plant wheat, potatoes, watermelons, grapes, etc. then make the ingredients like water, energy, and ___ seed.

To make a working selling system, you will need a wire repeater, vending machine, and a button.
Wire both the vending machine and the wire repeater to themselves:

Wire RepeaterAttempt to Purchase

Then wire back like this

Attempt to PurchaseWire Repeater

Then, for the button, connect the button(s) to the wire repeater(s).
Make multiply copy’s of what I told you too your liking. (For example, add 5 if there are five recipes, add 3 if there are three recipes.)

Lottery System (optional)

LOTTERY :money_mouth_face:

To make this, it’s a hard thing for newer gims. Here is the guide:\

That should be all of it!


Nice guide!
Though, for the research lab you might want to add a picture to show the settings.

Alr, I will add pictures

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Isn’t this basically this?

Also, tug are usually wikis.


that’s incomplete because i forgot about the seeds

also the farming system part is invalidated by the crafting table


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I wanna say Bump so I will

Hey good guide!
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