The Rise of Technical Gimkit

which means we need to keep space if we want this to work.

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Flag me whatnot, but I shouldn’t have deleted my moving car guide…

Also, I have to grind two more months to get back to regular… ugh.


continuing so how are we gonna make this work with all the problems listed? also do this in a different guide or make this in a differnet guide because this chess guide with the mechanic has nothing to do with the topic i think and i don’t want anyone getting flagged if that really the case credit to @getrithekd for telling me that now that i realized it.

Bump bump bummmp?

I complelety forgot all about this lol.

3 months and a couple weeks later, chess is yet to be fully complete with a winning/losing

This guide got close though: Partially Functioning Chess! (Wiki for jjnitzan)

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It got too boring for me to continue work on haha.

I just considered the idea of using text objects and bitstrings. Binary operations on a binary board could make chess a lot easier.

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Well, I have something that I’ve noticed that may or may not be technical Gimkit, but here goes:
Has anyone else noticed that when you’re in editing mode on a platformer map and gravity is off, the movement is very similar to top-down maps? This may hint on the source codes being similar. (The following is just speculation- so don’t take it seriously at all) What if platformer maps are just top-down maps with different movement animations and the ground being the bottom of the map? Feel free to criticize and correct.

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Yeah, @Shdwy can you give a screenshot of your minimap?

Yeah it just toggles the movement engine. That would be more of a question for he modding community than for quantum mechanics.

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How does modding work? Feel free to let me know if im getting off topic

I’m not an expert at modding. Join this server for more info

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It’s long gone lol

That post was almost a year ago.


I don’t see the button for coding in Gimkit. I think it might just be that I do this on the Chromebook, but I want to be able to code things in Gimkit Creative.

Click on a device, and click on the Blocks menu on top left.

I don’t have the button.

only some devices have block code and if they do they have them in the top left corner

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Oh ok! That makes more sense :rofl: :rofl:!