The Power of Randomizers

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Randomizers are great. Editor, what were my lines again? “Continue with the post because not a lot of people even read the intro?” Okay.

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If it weren’t for randomizers, we wouldn’t have fishing. And yes, Fishtopia fishing chances are indeed random. However, just note that if your old forum fishing system doesn’t work, then you have Advanced Block Order (ABO) to be mad at.

Being Simple

Randomizers can only be made in blocks, as far as I know, but they’re relatively simple. All you need is one block that does it for you:
You need a range (you MUST use two number blocks from the Math section of the block menu) and a result for each one of them. Simple, right? Just don’t make too many results though.

Fake AI-Generated Content

AI is cool. Well, until people train it to do bad things (GimAI) or replace their content with AI (not naming names anymore). However, with randomizers, you can make fake AI and make it look like it was actually AI-generated! The downside with this is:

  1. …you only have 75 block-limit that you have to work with.
  2. …you’ll need a lot of blocks to make it look like it was truly randomized (see above).
  3. …regardless of what you use, it’s still going to be 0.5% memory. That means that if you want four of these, that’s 2% memory used up.

The block code could only be used with popup, notification, or text devices.

Randomized Teleportation

Hey, if you’re making something that requires this, it could come in handy. I don’t know how to make this though, so don’t ask me about that.


Nice guide! It’s pretty short, so maybe mention teleportation randomization and other things you can do with RNG?

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ok, just added fake ai-generated content, now i’m gonna go take a break so i’ll add it soon

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Randomized teleportation should be easy to add, just add teleporters and randomizers.

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Nice wiki/wip, @eiqcrmeliutgwhc!

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Cool guide! This will be nice when done!