The Guides Debate

Yes that would be great.

Agreed in my honest opinion.

Bye Gimworld. I’m going to have to deal with acute light pollution for the next couple of weeks with @NavyCatZ.


You look like a pyramid with yellow eyes.

That’s @NavyCatZ’s wing.

I wonder where I am…

Probably on the Gimworld.

She only took the moon.

I’m in the World of Gims. I am on a very extended vacation to Fishtopia.

Under a tree maybe?


just an ideaaaaaaa

I thought u lived there

I arrived at Fishtopia from the Alphastar ship and helped remove the evil plants caused by chemical supreme.

No, I am going back to Rocky West’s farm soon. (aka farmchain)

Uhh, alright. Cool. [}{]

everything I have mentioned is actual lore

anyway I’m going to stop off topic posting.

I need mars…

I might have a solution(bear with me):

So members of the community(TL1 and TL2 presumably) will vote on which TL3(s) will be promoted to TL4. These polls will occur between certain dates, and the poll will close after the deadline. Using alts for extra votes and other immoral ways to change the results of the election will result in the appropriate punishment (demotion, warns, bans, etc). The contenders for the TL4 role will a have a sort of resume, where things like the amount of activity, the quality of posts, guides, and replies, the regard for the forum rules, overall kindness and their will to accept TL4 privileges and responsibilities will affect the final decision by the mods for the final results of the TL4 election (The mods make the final decisions). There should be a balanced proportion of TL4s and the community size, to ensure the most efficiency. If a TL4 wishes to retire (due to things like inactivity), they will announce their intentions and be appropriately demoted to TL3, and a replacement election should take place. (All normal elections could either be in regular intervals or on an as needed basis.)

Do you think this is a good idea?


How about there are ten TL4s chosen, and the retiring one gets to pick the next?

That could create bias. It’s best to keep it either to the mods or the community.


I still think the mods won’t give TL4.