The Guides Debate

Well, I think they may reconsider the decision.

As I said, the actions of a TL4 are completely reversible (by the other TL4s, the mods wont have their time wasted), and therefore there will be no abuse.

The devs might also be more reluctant to give TL4, since this forum is directly linked on the website, rather than indirectly, like the discord is.

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Okay, but it is kind of hard to find.

Okay, voting isn’t that bad except that then there would be more leaders than regulars.

TL4s cannot normally delete posts.

Yeah, Lxmas means things like pinning, unpinning, unlisting, splitting and merging…

There are only four discord mods. We only need 3-4 leaders, max.

Okay, sure.

The problem with having a TL2 and TL1 vote is that we aren’t experienced enough (Probably) to vote for the Tl3 to go up. And as it could also create biased opinions.

tl2 is (they been here a while)
you can make a poll that only a certain trust level can vote

(Writing in safe mode)

Although i would agree we need TL4s, it might be their final decision they don’t allow tl4s. I’m making a debate.

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Well, it may be their final decision that they need TL4s. Let’s just let time decide this, not a debate.

Honestly, the TL3’s should be “Nominated” and the ones that werent nominated vote.

true, we don’t want to force the mods’ hands… that could get bad…


Also, off-topic, but should we have a debate tag?

  • Ye
  • Nah
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WE don’t want to annoy the mods.

I don’t think debates are allowed, lol.

Hol’ up, so why do we have the debate about guides, tags, and other things?

well i like it here too but yeah it only took me 4 days to get here…