The Guides Debate

I think that we should ask the mods to strengthen the similarity thing on the right. By strengthen, I mean in community made guides, only the guides with a frequent amount of a word in the title would show up. And also only the topics in that category would show up. For help, I think that community made guides should take priority on that list, since most solutions to help posts are links to a guide.

Just ask them to link their guide to the other guides.

This place is like a library. We finally have put enough stuff in it for people to feel comfortable asking for things like design, or making their own easy guides.

PLUS, more helpers! The new guard is different, but they still help out!

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True. I’m happy that there are so many helpers now!

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How many helpers did there use to be?

Like 15 consistent helpers. The forums were dead though, so everyone jumped at the chance of helping people.


It’s like if you were stranded on an island with almost no food, and you and 15 other people found a carcass of a deer. It’s pretty much just “get as much as you can”.


If the forums die, we should start a bunch of collabs on really difficult things like chess, computers, risk, civilization games, and other stuff.

Yeah, that kinda sums up July.

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It was when 8 notifications were considered a ton. Now, I check in the afternoon and I have like 130 notifications.

Really? I usually think that 8 notifications are a lot. I’ve been getting more and more notifications though. Maybe its because I check every hour…

I think you shouldn’t post a guide that has been done unless it is a different way of doing it

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Yeah. That’s what we’re trying to do. Maybe we could start a movement saying: Don’t forget the sidebar!
This would also apply for help posts.

If you want to make a guide, you should look it up and then if it exists, you probably shouldn’t make it.

I think that with the start of school, lots of new users have came bored with school (like me) and are reinventing the wheel.

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I’m going to make a new debate about this… You could change it back to the WIP debate.

This really isn’t a debate. I think it should be called the solutions to wips.

No. I don’t even know if debates are allowed.

I made it because I felt it was like super necessary, but splitting the debate up doesn’t seem too necessary.

Add this to the “Welcome to the forum” post.

Oh yeah! Good idea!