The Art of Concatenation: Credits to @Zypheir and @Blackhole927- Difficulty 7.5/10 or 🟧

I thought you deleted the map- are you starting over?


dunno why im “tracking” this post
i dont even kno wat dis post is about

Read it then- it’s super useful for repeated sections of code

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my block understanding levels from 1-10: 3

How did you make a pie chart?

You’re tracking it because you replied to the topic

click the settings on build poll

pie option on bottom of the settings

  • Pie
  • Deez
  • Bruh
  • E

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Yes, I am restarting, which is why I asked @NavyCatZ to make a PSA on deleting worlds. Its major hassle to remake everything that I made. I had some crazy spreadsheet made out of properties that I’m going to have to remake.

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I think in figured it out. Each space has two more properties on top of the other three: The type of space (represented by a number) and if the space is bought or not (one or two) Multiplying these two numbers gives us the correct channel that the correct popup will open up on. 5*40=200 properties. Not too bad.

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Just for reference, the other three properties each space has is: space number (aka position on the board){represented by one property}, space price (can be any number), which team bought the space (one to four), and space name (text).

Welp, I don’t think my post is going to show up anything soon. You can use Lxmas’ post for now.

Better question, if I make a smaller version of Monopoly, and post about THAT, would it still count as Monopoly?

Small Monopoly?
  • Yea
  • Nah
  • I just wanna see Monopoly in Gimkit

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Maybe you could call it Monopoly Jr.

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probably better than the full on gimonopoly ive been working on, its going good though, but it will take a while. i started yesterday and the dice roll works, made the board, know how i will do rent, but it will be long

that’s a thing, i played it when i was four

Main killer for me is the absurd amount of properties I would need. Around 400.

!!! If there is that much, I say mini monopoly. Like only 2 areas/color. Or maybe 1. In a 5 sided square.

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