The Activity Feed


So, I was poking around the block options while I was working on my new project. I stumbled on the activity feed blocks, and thought of ways to use them.

I rarely use the activity feed, as I just opt for notifications, but I actually realized it could actually be useful in many different ways, as well as making my maps look cleaner. Instead of a large notification popping up at the corner of your screen for some time, it could instead appear in your activity feed.

Suggestions for Uses

This is an activity feed block that I especially never see being used, and wanted to bring some attention to it.
This could be used in many different ways. For example, if there were secrets hidden along the map, this could be used to alert the host if a player had found one.
Or, if there was a spot where you could possibly cheat/cheese the game, the host could be alerted if a player tried to do so.
Teachers could also find this block very helpful, so they would be alerted if a player was getting many questions wrong, if they needed help (with a possible help button on the map?), or other things that only they would want to know about their students. The options are endless!

Going back to the regular activity feed blocks, the activity feed could be used for a place where all little alerts or things would go. For example, if you have a game where teams or players can get upgrades, you could put the alerts in the activity feed. Players wouldn’t want notifications clogging up their screen every time a player purchases an upgrade, that would just be plain annoying. However, having that in the little activity feed wouldn’t bother the players so much, and every so often they could glance down to see what upgrades the other teams were buying.

Plus, as @Blackhole927 pointed out, activity feeds can be very helpful for debugging, and finding what exactly is going wrong. You can use them to check if certain code is working, what the value of a property is at the moment, etc.


Of course, all of this is up to you, some people may not like the activity feed look so much, or just not bother. All I’m trying to say through this little guide is give activity feeds a chance.You’d be surprised how many instances you could use them for, and they are more useful than you think.

Thank you for reading this, and I hope this made you consider activity feeds. A :heart: would always be appreciated, and have fun!


The activity feed is also highly useful for debugging!


Yep! With all the properties, you’ll need some assistance.


This was an amazing little read! I’ll start using the feed from now on!


Thank you all!
And the fact about debugging is very true @Blackhole927 , hope you don’t mind if I add that.


Nice! I didn’t even know about that block!


Are you sure this works? the stuff on the activity feed NEVER shows up. Unless i did the code wrong on the guide…

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You have to make sure you’re playing in fullscreen.

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Oh, that makes sence.

wait what device do you put the block code in?

You can put it in anything, as long as it has block code.

A good device for it could be a trigger.

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don’t forget to bump the guide next time! also ceratin devices uses coding like trigger and advanced devices

I suggest using the item granter because it has its own unique blocks for granting items.

Bump?? I been here for a while, but what does “Bump” mean?

The word “bump” is used to promote the guide it’s replying to and move it to the top of the forum, so everyone can see it. Please bump guides that you think are very important and hasn’t had any activity in at least a week.

Now let’s get back on-topic.

My activity feed is usually disabled. I have only gotten it to work 3 times in my 2-3 years of gimkit. Does anybody know how to fix this?

You have to be in full screen/make sure your screen is the right size for the activity feed to show.
That is one problem with the activity feed, because it’s very finicky with what zoom your screen is and the size otherwise it won’t show up.


I set my zoom to 80 and now it’s fine

First post in a while, eh?