How do you turn on the in game activity feed in settings

HOw do i make it so that while i am playing it says like so and so eliminated so and so ?

Isn’t that on default? What computer are you using to do this?

I think he meant he wants a notification saying who knocked out who, not with the activity feed you’ll see in the middle-left.

Lenovo chrome i am on a school issued computer

What i am talking is like take the gimkit team made tag on my friends screens it will say like ___________ taged ___________ or ________________ got a speed upgrade

I think in Map Settings, they’re a category called UI (correct me if I’m wrong, I don’t remember). Make sure it’s turned on there.

for chromebook

I also had this issue one time on a Chromebook. Try pressing the key below, and then try it again:

I do remember some stuff, but i don’t know the rest. Maybe @wingwave Knows?

You’ll have to create those yourself in a trigger’s blocks. It may be for all block-using devices, I’m not sure.

Read this guide for a more detailed explanation:

thank you @FersionSpeedy and @wingwave

No problem, always happy to help!

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