Why is my activity feed never working?

My activity feed is usually disabled. I have only gotten it to work 3 times in my 2-3 years of gimkit. Does anybody know how to fix this?

I need help

Are you talking about notifications in-game?

no, the activity feed

That doesn’t explain anything.

the news?

That is what is not working

Im sorry that im so confusing

The little thing in the corner of your screen that says stuff like “dsbvhh got knocked out by vsdnki” ect. is what is not working and I have 0 clue why

Go into full screen

oh then I don’t know…
I haven’t messed around with it that much

That was what I was trying to link

ima try hosting on another computer and testing that

You need to full scrren. For me, there’s a key on my keyboard(school Chromebook) that lets me full screen. You can’t see activity feeds if you can see your tabs. If you are on school Chromebook, that key is on the topmost row, next to the refresh button.

Thanks, I think it’s bc the screen is small

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