Teleporter Randomizer Help

I’m trying to make a minigame randomizer so that when players spawn/finish a minigame, they get teleported to another section of the map. How would I do that?

What part is random? The section of the map they are teleported to?

The random part is where they are being teleported to. Of the map

Edit: It does randomly choose!

Wait! if you just wire it so when the minigame ends, it teleports them it will not work because of AWO I believe. When the game ends, send them to a seperate room with the teleporter that sends them to the random places, or undo a barrier that was over it. I know this seems like extra work, but I am pretty sure it is necessary.

I think that llama lady is saying to use teleporters in a group, and use another teleporter that can teleport them to a group. If that’s not what they say, then this should work.

yeah that was what i was trying to say. I’m not that good at making words clear. :frowning:

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I have a idea. So, basically, using block code, I saw this guide that you could make randomized loot boxes. You could do that, but change it up by using triggers to make them teleport to another place on the mini game map.

Do you need help with the randomizer?

You can save a lot of memory using the group function of teleporters because that is random, and it doesn’t require blocks. Good thinking though!

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That’s what the post is about lol.

Just click this!

Thanks! I appreciate it! I’m trying to learn the ways of Gimkit currently, so I’m always trying to learn something new.

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Randomizers with teleporters have a shortcut. We use the group function to make a random spot.

I forgot about that. :frowning_face:

With that though, depending on how you place the teleporters, each one will link to the one before or after it. Example: Placed A,Place B, Place C. A connects to B. B connects to C. A doesn’t connect to C. That’s what I’m trying to do. I think the example is confusing but if you get the idea, ty.

So if your issue solved?

Eh not really because of the whole only one teleport.

Did you try mine?

so, when you finish minigame a, you get teleported to minigame b? I’m confused how it is random…