Teleporter Randomizer Help

It doesn’t really mention teleporters, just a randomizer. Plus I don’t know how that would apply to the teleporters because I don’t think teleporters have blocks.

Is only your starting point randomized? And after that, it follows the flow?

Yes, only B. Not C, D, E etc.

so, when you finish minigame a, make it teleport you to a teleporter in group b, and when you finish minigame b, make it teleport you to a teleporter in group c

I don’t understand what some people are saying. I think some of the explanations are too complicated or I just don’t get it. My bad, didn’t know :expressionless:

It’s fine!
Anyway, I am confused about what you need to do. is it random, or is it when they finish minigame a, go to minigame b, and when finish minigame b, go to minigame c?

I want it to be random. So minigame A can connect to any places, B, C, D, E, F etc. Not A to B, B to C

ok. so when a is finished, teleport them to a seperate spot. not part of B,C,D etc. Then when they go into the teleporter at seperate spot, it will take them to teleporters in group whatever you want to name the group. put teleporters at the start of all the mini games in the group whatever you want to name the group

Are repeats allowed? If you have gotten to A, can you go back to A later?

Teleporter Randomizer:


  • Simple to make

  • Can use less memory if you are just using a few randomized events


  • Can teleport the player to different locations if it triggers the randomizer (you can put it close to a button or something but won’t really work for map large-scale randomizers like a lifecycle)

  • Can use more memory with more randomized events

Block Randomizer


  • Uses less memory with lots of randomized events

  • Even it might use more memory, you can control how rare or common it is and add more events.
    More flexible.


  • I don’t really know but I guess it can use more memory even it’s in the pros?
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See @BreathTaking 's guide on making a randomizer. I would personally recommend this because I actually worked on it and made the base mechanics. How to make a Don’t Press the Button Game Part 1

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