Tag zone help for backrooms game

So im trying to make a backrooms map but there’s a problem the tag zone wont work for the entity and idk why the entity team is team 2 and that’s what its on so please help.

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Can you show a screenshot for your tag zone? And are you sure the entity is set correctly?


yes i am
Screenshot 2024-02-11 184539

Can I see your choose-an-entity system?

is anything connecting to(wires or channels) tag zone. If not, than it may be because you left respawn when tagging off.

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maybe just a glitch.

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What is supposed to happen when they get tagged?

When tagged, transmit on channel…

its supposed to make them go to spectator team.

but the problem is the fact that when the tagger runs over the player they dont get tagged

Screenshot 2024-02-12 092210

What is the wire repeater for?

When player tagged -----> Team Switcher: spectators

I think you’re making this more complicated than it needs to be.

I think the device is just not working. I have seen a lot of people saying that their devices just won’t work.

The team switcher isn’t working?

ok heres the problem the team switch works the tag dosent

The tag zone doesn’t work? What are you using it for?

No, he’s definitely using WAY too many devices.

its for the entity letting it tag other players and (kill)