Tag zone help for backrooms game

Hold on, what ‘entity’? Sentries, or other players?

I think other players.

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Yeah, but they have made it sound like entity is their word for sentry.

its a player not a sentry

Well, team 2 is tagging team 1, right? What’s wrong? There shouldn’t be anything wrong it doesn’t seem. I must be missing something.

yes team two is tagging

Well, are you asking why they are tagging? What is the real question here?

im asking why it wont let team 2 tag

How do you know it isn’t letting team 2 tag? Elaborate the full situation please.

so i had my friend play as the monster and me as the player but when he was right on top of me it wouldnt let him tag/kill me and make me a spectator.

so what im trying to find out is how to fix that

make a tag zone and connect that thing to a change team thing and make the team change to a spectator

it wont let the player tag

make the two people on two separate teams

i did ima put this in the bug area soon

guys i found out how nvm

How? What was wrong?

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