Switching teams with no respawn

Hello! I was wondering if there is any way to create a mechanism that uses the “Team switcher” to make a player switch teams, but not die instantly?

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No, you can’t. You can use pseudo teams, though. However, weapons don’t work with pseudo teams. Welcome to the community!

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You could make other players get a popup so they won’t see who respawned though.
Or you could just respawn everybody.
Also, welcome to the community @theredspy!

Here are some guides on pseudo teaming. Also, welcome to the forum! I hope you enjoy what this website has to offer :]

Welcome to the forum, @theredspy!

Welcome to the community, @theredspy! Please read the FAQ and the new-user-must-read tag for more information about the forums! I hope you enjoy your time here :slightly_smiling_face:!

Thank you everyone. Your advice is appreciated, however not what I am looking for. Perhaps they will make the device more customizable in the future. Also, I think they should add invisabits to creative.

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