Stop wasting memory on terrain walls

I feel that most people waste a lot of memory on terrain. Not waste memory on terrain as in you shouldnt use it, wasting terrain as in there are better ways to use it. In the guide below I will list three methods to make sure you don’t waste memory on terrain.

So here are three methods to cut down usage of that precious memory.

method one:
You must always make sure you only use walls when COMPLETLY necessary. The first reason for this is because you have a very small limit in wall tiles only being 2500 tiles which really isn’t that much. Reason two you only need one layer of wall when you are creating things outside of a players playable area.
In the example below I will show you how to use this method using dark marble stone (walls) and light marble stone (floor)
Screenshot 2024-01-26 143626

as you can see there is NO way for a player to get past this wall even though there is only ONE layer of wall. why waste that precious memory when you can just do this?

Method two:

This method can actually make your maps look better in some cases however For this method you will need a black barrier with no outline. This barrier must be at 100% visible otherwise the intended effect will not be delivered.
Using this method you really only need to use the walls from the previous method just without using floor. for this method you must use only ONE layer of walls of your choosing. then once you are done placing the walls you must place the barrier inside of the wall layer so that players cannot see the layer beneath.
To make this method look better you can add another barrier with only 50% visibility and put it on the outside of the barrier.
Final results should look like this:
Screenshot 2024-01-26 144953

Please note that there is NO terrain under that barrier, all grass (default terrain setting)

You can even use this method create an area that players cannot see. you can allow them to see the area by getting rid of the barrier once you feel like they should be able to see the area.

Method three

this method I would also suggest using at all times however it is your choice.
This method focuses on using camera view. By using camera view you can leave an area completely devoid of terrain and no one would know. I don’t think this one needs that much explanation so here’s a picture of me using camera view.

When in creative mode:

In game:

Source: FORERUNNER: Smauin

I really hopes these methods help especially for new players.


Wow, this is smart. I never reliased what I was doing. Good guide. (Out of likes)


Grammar Police Moment :rotating_light:

Actually its intended :nerd_face: also nice guide!


Nice guide, @Rusty !

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this is nice and all, but using walls is much better than the other alternative (>20 memory → 3)

in case if you don’t know what im talking about, the other way to make walls is to use a barrier over them, but barriers are 20 memory apiece and walls are 3 memory each so…

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Thanks if there is anything that seems confusing please let me know so I can fix it/

:nerd_face: Actually, according to the rules of grammar, it is considered correct to place an emoji at the beginning or the end of a sentence, rather than within the sentence. :nerd_face:

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Sorry I needed to get out of school when I made this guide.

um, that’s not really true… unless if you’re lazy or are making a maze game, devices actually take up most of your memory and i know you said “exceptions” but just pointing that out


flooring is 2 memory and walls are 3 apiece, and one device could literally literally be HUNDREDS of floors and walls


This all makes complete sense, good job.

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That should be in the guide though.

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yeah ig, but did you read the logic part?


I did, and that’s the part I’m saying should be in the guide.

oh ok then :+1:

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Yeah, but are you only going to be using 1 wall tile for every wall you make or are you going to fill in all that space inside the wall?

One screen of terrain is AT LEAST 378 and that’s not including walls and props and extra layers of terrain all things you should be using to make you maps look even slightly presentable.

? i didn’t really understand that, but one wall tile is 3 memory each and using floor+barriers to make walls are already >20 memory

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Bruh, the entire point of the barrier is to hide the fact that there is no terrain underneath.

well, this brings the sad truth of people who don’t like devices (im not saying it’s you, it’s mostly the people who don’t use the forum and decide to publish games): use camera view


True, but Camera View isn’t allways best.

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