[Mini-Guide 🤏 ] Making Longer Hallways (Saving Terrain)

Welcome to my first mini-guide!
I spent too much memory on the lobby and had a hallway that was part of the main game. The idea just popped into my head lol.
→Let’s get started! ←
I’m sure you’ve noticed that the terrain limit is very… limited.
If you have lots of hallways, large rooms, etc., like a maze, then this guide is for you!
In this mini-guide you’ll learn how to make hallways seem WAY longer and rooms WAY bigger.
For example, a 3 block hallway may seem like a 15 block hallway or something like that.

What You’ll Need

x2 Speed Modifier
x1 Camera View
x2 Triggers
x2-3 Black Barriers
+Terrain (NO WALLS)

Screenshot 2024-05-13 19.16.47

Making the System

Set up your hallway/room using your terrain. As a substitute for walls, use the black barriers. 3 for a room and 2 for a hallway. Put the black barriers on the edges of the room/hallway. Make the black barriers large and the room/hallway very small (2x16 rectangle). I would make the rectangle 2x8 but the camera view minimum is too large. Here is my example:

Other Stuff:

Place the triggers at the entryways of the hallways/rooms. Try placing the entry trigger right before the hallway/room and the ending trigger towards the edge of the ending of the hallway/room. If you want to you can set the max trigger to 1 with a player scope in case a player turns around. Make sure the players are invisible and triggered by player collision!
Now get your speed modifiers. Set 1 of the speed modifiers to 1.50* speed and the other to whatever the normal speed in your game is, unless they are entering another room or hallway. * x1.50 speed or so for a better experience I think.
Wire the triggers to the corresponding speed modifier, the slow speed modifier for the trigger at the entry point and the normal speed modifier for the trigger at the other end. Lastly, place the camera view over the hallway and barriers.
Screenshot 2024-05-13 19.06.08
Ignore the memory bar

That’s all! Hope you enjoyed it! :smile:

Final Product:

Screenrecording2024-05-1319.08.07-ezgif.com-video-to-gif-converter (2)
gif size is small so bad fps

Credits and stuff:


Thanks for this guide. I’ll keep this in mind whenever I’m running low on memory space.


Great Guide! I might use this for something I’m making.


Noice guide. This is superb. Can’t believe I never thought of this.


Oops! I forgot to add the picture for devices.




Noice how u use GIF!

I have no idea how to make a GIF like that as a matter of fact…

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Just get a video capture and go to a mp4 to gif converter website! I had to use 5 fps though…


Yes, it’s nice whenever a creator puts a gif in their guide because it usually means they put alot of work into their guide :+1:


Love the weekly challenges!

I spent 10 minutes on it :skull:

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I tried to convert a video into a gif or jpeg but I faile because that’s just me.

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My computer when I attempt to add a gif:

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Yes, gifs are not hard to make, it’s the fact you even bothered to put it in the guide.

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Great guide! This is really essential for gamemodes that have long hallways that is also very large.