Standardizing Difficulties

Hey, welcome to @trust_level_3, @getrithekd! I can still remember the first time you posted, your knowledge of blocks exceeded many of ours. Then, the first ritheked guide came out. I say to you this, thank you for all your work, and please, help us grow this community, as many new users have been joining, but equally, many older forum helpers have been leaving. But of course, do as you wish.


Wow, It’s already been 50 days! Congrats! Next up is Blizzy’s turn, right?

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Welcome to trust level three! The day you joined and didn’t have a pfp feels like yesterday, but look at you now! Keep up the great work!



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Welcome to the club @getrithekd. Even though you joined way later than everyone else, you left as big of an impression as I did back in early June. I would ask you to be my protege, but you know enough to be considered my equal… You know what nice job the chess piece made it in. :+1:


Congrats @getrithekd! Can’t believe I missed it! I still remember the first time you started talking about block code and tons of advanced stuff, and now you’re one of us.



Use this for your guides

thats a really big bump

i’ve bumped bigger :D