Standardizing Difficulties

take out all of your punctuation use unofficial contractions like u never capitalize anything missspel a lot never add pictures stuff like that

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improper formatting, be very very vague, don’t explain why things work the way they do, being irrelevant (going off topic in the middle), incorrect or overly complicated language for no reason, and lack of examples/visuals isaac

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Also make run on sentences and switch randomly from one thing to another.


And then connect the wire to the device and place down a tree prop and then you wire the device to the tree prop now open the terrain menu and get grass block and make a floor so then make the wire go to the floor and then it triggers and makes the igloo show and now you have a boat


10/10 difficulty. I think a good example of what you’re trying to get is this:

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My friend wrote that, I still haven’t stopped teasing him about it lol


I was rating the guide, not the difficulty.

I think this could be made into an acronym INSPECT, someone just needs to find something for N like Novel or something

That’s kinda genius…

I don’t think that we should have both conceptual and theoretical, since they’re the same things.

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That’s also true… So T and N

here this is what @NavyCatZ said in the how to make a voting system u quoted it from. it not just how u understand it, it also how other understand it too!

That’s what I’m saying that we should do! I think that we should factor in how well the guide was written in the difficulty!

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yeah i wanted to say that like a while ago but i feel like itd be harsh if someone said that the guide was written poorly without any proper criticism

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Well yeah… The rating would have to include what to make better.

The N could be new. Basically, make sure you do not post the exact same thing that has been posted before. Like no reposts.

But what I’m saying is that we shouldn’t let the style of the guide contaminate the difficulty, it could be confusing.

The style of the guide won’t determine it. The style just influences how well the reader understands it, and that is what we are rating.

Then we need to rename it and have scores based not only on conceptual difficulties but also on difficulties that arise from misinterpretations.

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