Standard device systems

Do you think we should make a list of the most commonly used device systems?

FYI: a device system is multiple devices working together to do one task.

I was thinking of having a list of device systems, what they do, the name, and who discovered/made them

would a device system be like a player counter?

Take the above definition as the standard definition

So like player counter, wire repeater clocks, trigger clocks, lasers on and off, regeneration systems, system to detect one player left, addable speed, stuff like that?

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I’m planning to make a guide about navigating the forum and faqs in general.

There are so many of these collections of guides that we have to make a collection of the collections of guides.

Do you think my question guide counts as a tug?

Which question guide. Also, does anyone think we should kind of slow down the pace on guides? We had 12 in the last week made, and when you look at the feed, it is like 70% guides. Progress is good though…

I guess the guides work as a preparation for the school year and its surge of new users.


Yea that sounds all good! Just make sure to make it wiki, and to credit everyone if you can.

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  1. [Insert guide here]
  2. [Insert guide here]
  3. [Insert guide here]
  4. [Insert guide here]
  5. [Insert guide here]
  6. [Insert guide here]
  7. [Insert guide here]
  8. [Insert guide here]
  9. [Insert guide here]
  10. [Insert guide here]
  11. [Insert guide here]

This is literally what you are saying to make

Back to the biology point, we’re making a list of common organs or organ systems. Both analogies work. All we are doing is finding common organ systems, and documenting them. Not all guides are organs. Perfect example: _____Land. THAT is an organism. A game, not a mechanic or part of an mechanic. Any questions?

…So, the tissues would be the smaller device systems that make up a larger system and the cells would be the devices/the data they store?

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Tissues would be a two to three device system. So, yea.

So what would the brain be

The player or gimkit creative?

A device system that contains multiple mini systems. As for the function, it could be something like a device system that checks if a certain task has been completed and sends a signal when it is. Then that whole set up including the devices that receive and transmit a signal would be an organ system