Space damage help

I’m trying to make my map have space damage them due to the lack of oxygen but I don’t know how to please help

Use this guide, It will help you.

Try making a zone where if you enter the zone, it broadcast a message and if you want to instnatly kill them, set them on spectator.

maybe try using pseudo health and decreasing that with a repeater and trigger

what I mean is when they step out the zone with oxygen they don’t get hurt

Yeah, that should work as soon as they are out of the zone.

proving to be hard but maybe possible

You could have a required item to exit. Maybe a vending machine?

And when they exit the zone, it triggers a movement meter, which has required item, representing oxygen?

okay I will try it after the other two

and when movement meter runs out it respawns them?

Yeah, that’s right!!!

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