So ideas I'm stuck

pretty much your generic map ideas topic DON’T LINK GUIDE I read them all I want to do something more original and I’m just frustrated at my map having to get canceled

also @ABCD what happened to the collab thing?

So could you elaborate on that please. I don’t really know what to say.

Ideas for a map? Is that it?

yes it’s literally map ideas

A map that “updates” an original gamemode that wins in Mode Madness, or make it more colorful.

it’s going to be dld and I don’t have the season pass

thanks a lot @Claire_B

Okay! Make a PvZ game! I was gonna do it but then I got stuck on doing some terrain art so I quit lol.

Then do your favorite that loss.

Make a Race Map that you have to buy tracks to win. Just play around the Discovery for maps, I won’t advertise, but look in bios as well.

Wellllllll, I guess you could do like a simulator like Big Brain Sim in Roblox. I don’t rlly know for ideas.

Maybe you can make an RPG game and figure out how the turn battle system works. I’m not sure anybody has done the turn battle part, but maybe.

Ummm… just kidding

Sorry, didn’t see this
Uhhhh, April Fools?

back solved my block problem
likely going to be help topics about it

I mean RPG games don’t really blow up. If ur aiming for grabbing the viewers, I suggest somethin else.

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