"SnowBrawl But Better": Ideas

I’m making this new game called “SnowBrawl but better”. Now, this is no average little kids game which is made in two seconds. No, I worked HARD on it. It took me HOURS to work “SnowBrawl but better” before I was able to make a topic about my game! Any ideas? I’ve already added a brigde, lasers to act as a moat to the bridge. What else should I add?
(P.S I will make a live for players to test ONCE ITS DONE)

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keep the possibility of dld mechanics to fit into it for like a mountain in middle where you can climb and battle.

Add a bunker for if nukes are launched.

NO ENEGRY (I get annoyed of the energy system)

Random sentries on both teams
Item shop
A random zone that kills you

of course i won’t add energy. energy is annoying.I agree with you!

Add a random laser cannon.
“How do you make that?”

Ok,I’ll try fitting a mountain in the map

randomized chance of type of mode, team, solo, infection, and boss battle (have everyone vote and highest voted player becomes boss) add playable basketball using this How to make a working basketball game
but use it like if you score you get random temp. boost like speed or damage boost, but you have to pay in cash from knocking people out to get a ball (so knock people out for cash to buy a ball, and rand. chance of making or missing, if make get rand. boost but temp.)

If you add an item shop maybe you can have like a snow hill to climb for a king of the type thing that rewards you with cash when you’re on the hill. Maybe it can be on top of the mountain.

that’s complex but i’ll try it

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maybe like king of hill, where you want to survive up on hill longest (so have many parts of game, snowbrawl and you can also do king of hill, with basketball mini-game for powerups, dld mountain climb battle while battling)

Totally! I’ll add an item shop in!

does not have to be exactly like that, just maybe use basketball somehow…(as I have not seen 1 discovery game with good basketball as main game or mini-game)

i’ll add sentries, not sure 'bout the zone that kills

Just make a zone that activates a repeater when you’re inside. the repeater can trigger an item granter every time it triggers. you can disactivate the repeater when the player leaves the zone

I don’t know if someone already said this but A Boss! You can trigger it, and then all players have to work together to defeat it.

make it so that you can walk into the igloos and make an ice fishing hole in the middle!
(I would suggest fishing for snowballs, but you can also make it fishing for upgraded snowball launches!)

dude, why did you close that guide… I didn’t see it yet… I LUV playing basketball and I was planning on making one! anyways, if I can’t say it there I’ll say it here: “GREAT GUIDE! LOVED IT!”

Add Bombs

oh… I like that, so I am guessing, snowpile, laser, trigger?