Should I make a GKC game as a memorial?

I also plan to include categories for both Original Members and Great Contributors (both definitions of OG will be covered). @GimSolver, you’ll be in Great Contributor, @Caternaught will be in Original Members since you were here (under a different account).

I want to include all the notable people in the forum, old and new (while still fulfilling the game’s original goal of honoring the Original Members who’ve been slowly leaving), along with all its history. Also, thanks for your help tracking down the OG members, @Captain-Gim - I appreciate it!


@WhoAmI, @Here_to_help, and @Little, as Gimavengers, can you ask CringeKarlScott if I can mention him in my game? Also, can I mention you?


You can mention me, as for CKS, no clue. Also, @Little isn’t really a thing anymore, as she got banned, but joined back thinking her ban was some sort of mistake or bug.


Ok, thanks. Who else is a Gimavenger that I haven’t mentioned? Anyone? You’re all legends among the OGs.


@Little isn’t silenced or suspended at the moment so I think they can answer

This is a list, but it is locked.

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Yes, but they don’t get on anymore, so they are likely not going to see it.

Oh, thanks. I think I have all of them on my list to ask already. I’ll have to see if @CassiusDoomlorde is still in touch with @CringeKarlScott. Back on topic, now.

Do u have any suggestions for how I design my game?

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Well, I’ve been trying to find the post with all of the Forum eras so you could get inspiration, but it appears that it has been unlisted, and I never bookmarked it. Well, you could have a thing were we set you out on quests, based on games or functions we’ve made.

Ooh, that’s cool! My idea for the game is to make it so the only way to win is to visit the most monuments - that way more of the history gets recognized.


Cool! I’ve never heard of that!

I like that concept!

I am in contact with Karl and may be able to talk to him later.

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So the main catagores are:

  • Og

  • Main contirbutors

  • Honorable mentions

(From what I can tell and think up of)

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Thanks, @WhereIsMyHat. I don’t think it’s right to do this without mentioning his contributions to the GKC community. Also, both you and @Captain-Gim will be getting either Main Contributors or Honorable Mentions.

That’s pretty smart, Captain-Gim! I’ll use those categories in my game, ok?

Thanks a lot. Just ping me if you need me. One more idea:
Have a section for DoD, Gimvengers, and all those groups that’ve been made.

What’s DoD? I know about the Gimavengers and will be including the most helpful ones.

Deadly organization of dragons


There’s too many groups. I mean, there’s even a one that is specifically avoided from being mentioned… (Not for a bad reason)

I’m assuming @Blizzy, @Magenta_Dragon, and @dragon are in it? Not for a bad reason sounds ominous.