Should I delete a map that a person came in and deleted my hard efforts or continue to work with it?

I hope I’m allowed to make a post like this but I really want to make an Among Us map, but I had put the code on wix and was asking for someone to help me. Then some guy had joined in without me knowing and started deleting all my wires and devices. I just need some advice from a senior in building on gimkit creative.

No! Never do that!

Are you motivated enough to redo everything?

Not really. Maybe if someone is committed to helping me.

You said insurance would come! (what’s insurance?(as in this))

I couldn’t find it! Where did you post?

I said wix, on the code sharing

Where? I can’t seem to find it. Repost.

Ok, i will. I’m just scared that the guy will rejoin

Send a pm instead.

dont post edit codes on wixsites gc. only pm. Personal messages. just create a chat with an individdual user.

pm? what dat idk what it is

in the chat create knew chat to me. make sure my pfp is a head with colors swirling.

how? what do you mean chat?

There should be a “Members Chat” thing on the wixsite on the bottom right corner. Click on it and press “New Chat”, then search up “Here_to_help”.

ohhhh! on wix i thought u meant here`

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I DID IT!!! yay now insurance will come, right?

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Now pay $100,000,000 for the insurance.

WAIT WHAT?! the insurance guy left so i dont have to pay

I’m gonna leave it there but gonna not touch it until I feel like it. What a good beginner project. I think I started out too big with the Among Us.