Secondary mechanics/props for the map

So, I spent about 5-6 hours making a psuedo-non-Euclidean lab/dungeon themed battle royale in Gimkit. The problem is, it’s extremely barebones. It’s just 49 different rooms in a maze format. What kind of gameplay expanding (make your own weapon) or quality of life (popup showing number of portals found, there being more weapons than the common QP) should I add? All answers (within reason, I have 64% left) are acceptable!

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Maybe a thing allowing you to drink chemicals that make you pass out and you have to go through a strange world? Idk,

I might have worded this wrong. Sorry. I finished the map, and I am looking for things to add/put into it.

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Um…what is that?

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Maybe a cell with a sentry test subject for aesthetics?

Psuedo-non-Euclidean basically just means turn left four times does not equal ending up where you started. Lab/dungeon is the theme, and battle royale is the game mode.

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That could work! Would it be in a secluded section or wide open? (As you can tell, I suck at design)

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How about a soul extraction machine? When turning on the device, a player in one zone gets hit by a laser to deal for example, 25 damage, while the player in the other zone gets healed for 25 hp?


I think it would be closed off. You could use barriers as glass.

I guess you could also make this a type of trap in your maze/lab, like when you find a control room, turn on invisible lasers and see how many players you can drain health from.

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That’s really clever! On my original plans (I wrote down the layout before building), rooms 18 and 26 were going to be linked. Now I have a cool reason why! Also, what should I put in a wide open pvp arena?

Maybe some ice mines or speed pads?

No, like the room it’s in would be easy or hard to get to.

Maybe you could make a secluded balcony above it with sentry scientists taking notes.

Hard, I think. Unless the place is in ruins, it would be well defended.

What do you mean by ice mines?

Land mines that slow you down or freeze you in place, I think.

A trigger that when stepping on it, it will slow you down briefly.


That’s a great idea! I’ll keep this open until tomorrow, so I can get some ideas from other people who go to bed at a decent time can’t log in right now!


You could also add a random debuff generator in your map somewhere that generates random buffs/debuffs like extra damage, turning on a barrier to plunge the map into semi-darkness, randomly closing doors, etc, every now and then.

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