Secondary props/mechanics for the map 2

So, after adding everything suggested here to my map, I realized I still not only have a lot of empty space, but there is a large amount of empty props. If anyone has any ideas on how to decorate an ice themed lab and provide any other secondary mechanics, that would be very helpful!

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A boiler room on the other side of the map with wood you can use to thaw out command consoles with information. Or they can be placed anywhere and deal damage to people who walk over it.

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That sounds pretty interesting!

Not exactly decorations or mechanics, but L O R E. It can be hard to implement lore into battle royales but it was possible in a lot of 2d gimkit modes. If you need lore ideas, here is a random thing I thought up of.

Millions of years ago, the land was ruled by dangerous beasts. One beast caused the climate to suddenly become freezing. Most of the population was wiped out, though some were preserved in ice, frozen in time. They are still alive since their blood has special properties that allows them to maintain their body temperatures even for this long. The preserved beasts are near the lab, and some of their power/energy is causing some strange phenomenons in it.

Remember, this is lore, not plot, so be subtle about it. Find a way to put clues here or there without them being too hidden or obvious


Oh my goodness thank you so much! I had something lore-adjacent that was kinda weak, but this pulls it all together! Thank you so much Navy!

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You could make an super cold area that your players must get into that damages players (using invisible. lasers). To get around the cold your players must find a suit that allows them to get into cold areas as an ability they can acquire. However it may be a bit far fetched.

Something not as far fetched is this theme. the theme is frozen research lab (like you said) where some people experimented on gims and ice based weaponry. However a experiment went wrong and destroyed the entire lab. The only hints as to what exactly happened only lie in vague research notes. A secret weapon you could find in this area could be a strong snowball launcher That you find in a secret room.

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Could you send me a picture of the ice lab when your done for a theme list I made? (I will give credit where credit is due)

The map is already completely finished layout wise, if a little bland. I’ll send a picture of what a typical room looks like, and the full layout of the whole thing is in the first post I made about this.


Alright thanks. :slight_smile:

I like the super cold area! I might not add in a protective suit though, as having to fight on a time limit seems really interesting! I also might just use psuedo health, as real health is inconvenient to work with.


Could you tell me EVERYTHING about this map? (From what you have. I think I have a concept you could try.)

The layout is like so: 11x11 frozen pond layer 3 as the base, with a layer 4 3x3 magenta lab floor in the center as well, with up to four layer 4 3x3 green lab floor squares in the corners.


I meant gameplay.
(cool layout though if I’m imagining it right.)

So, there are 46 (technically 47 or 50) different “zones” or small areas that make up the map. You can teleport from one to another using the green teleporters in the corner, and always end up in the center of the new room. Rooms 0-13 are perfectly normal, while in rooms 14-49 the geometry is a little wonky. You could turn right three times and end up where you started. The entire map (except for room 49) has a x0.85 speed multiplier on it and a x0.25 damage multiplier on it. This is to make the rooms feel bigger, and for battles to feel more like a war of attrition. Room 49 is huge, so I took off the speed limit. Every mechanic from the first help post is in the map, with a few modifications for the ones that didn’t feel right the way they were worded. Also, if you didn’t already know, it’s a battle royale.


So could the players find items that give them buffs such as an ability that gives you more teleporter access. Maybe even A overall speed buff (or just a speed buff in the slow rooms)

Actually could you go to the WIX and show me so I can give suggestions?

Teleporter access to a secret area would be really cool cold and would allow me to make the full 54 rooms that I wanted to! Thank you! I might just make it two rooms joined together, as literally every other room is linked together by teleporters.


Your welcome! :slight_smile:

Your talking about this part of this post right?

Sadly, no. The chat function on my wix stopped working about a week ago due to a 403 error. @cringekarlscott might be able to fix it, but until then the forums is the only option.

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BAH, thats to bad. :frowning: