Scientific Names of All Devices

This guide is a collab with @ClicClac please do not edit. This guide is a collection of the scientific names of all devices in GKC based on ClicClac’s post On the Nature of a Waypoint

Hello! This guide will primarily be used for device classification and other guides like the one shown above, so if you want to use these names, go ahead! Just like in real life, all of these names are not set in stone, so if you a better name, feel free to tell either one of us, and we’ll probably add it!

FYI: The Genus is what category/color the device is, and the Species is a special characteristic that makes that device that device.

Like so:

The color of the device is the genus, while their main purpose is their species, that being Sanitas (Health) and Moneo (Warn/Warning).

Device Scientific Name
Spawn Pad Especial Nativitas
Lifecycle Albinorubio Eventus
Questioner Especial Examen
Starting Inventory Gelwazrubio Habeo
Game Overlay Gelwazrubio Tango
Flag Especial Vexillum
Buttons Especial Amoveo
Vending Machines Especial Vendo
Flag Capture Zone Transparere Captis
Item Granter Especial Dare
Team Switcher Cyan Proditor
Teleporter Especial Movere
Camera View Transparere Videre
Checker Cyan Reprehendo
End Game Cyan Finem
Tag Zone (Full Map) Melagelwazrubio Plenus
Tag Zone (Specific Area) Transparere Tactus
Speed Modifier Cyan Celeritas
Health Granter Cyan Sanitas
Respawn Cyan Regeneratio
Item Spawner Especial Creo
Laser Beam Manager Melagelwazrubio Trabem
Zone Transparere Zona
Repeater Melagelwazrubio Repetere
Sentry Especial Persona
Knockout Manager Melagelwazrubio Pulso
Popup Gelwazrubio Sursum
Movement Meter Melagelwazrubio Movere
Counter Especial Numerare
End of Game Widget Gelwazrubio Finis
Relay Albinorubio Iterum
Trigger Especial Felis
Property Gelwazrubio Valorem
Waypoint Gelwazrubio Directionis
Inventory Item Manager Melagelwazrubio Habere
Wire Repeater Especial Repetere
Barrier Especia Prohiberel
Notifiction Gelwazrubio Moneo
Text Especial Alphabeta
Laser Beam Especial Dolor
Checkpoint Especial Punctum
Damage Boost Cyan Fortior
Crafting Table Especial Formator
Recipe Gelwazrubio Ingrediens
Ball Especial Sphera
Ball Capture Zone Transparere Sphera

Well, (This might not be factual) but I used the Spanish words for the Genus and Family, but we might want to switch to Greek and Latin for this.



This is a great guide! @ClicClac I can see how much work you put into this guide! Truly nice

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As such, we probably should find out what Orange Blue brown and pink mean in greek/latin

I think you meant to reply to On the Nature of a Waypoint , not this…

Nice guide so far!


I’m thinking "Sagitta directionis" for the waypoint, meaning “arrow of guidance.”

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Nice! This will be useful for device letter symbols once we start running out of letters.


im adding some more in latin and greek

wait oh shoot i didnt see that it said not to edit

Nice post, but some of the translations, disappeared?

Lifecycle: Eventus vitae
Vending Machine: michaní tis prosforás
Waypoint: Sagitta directionis


i added them but then removed them, realizing that he said that

Oh I see, thanks for the response.

For blue we have Cyan, for orange we have Gelwazrubio (don’t ask), for pink we have Albinorubio, for brown we have Melagelwazrubio (again, don’t ask), for transparent, we have Transparere, and for misc. we have Especial.

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I’ll find a way to work these in.

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No, I meant on this one! Great guide! This will help so many people out!

Yeah, this is actually a really good idea, but why the ideas tag?

@Coral can you make my GimJam for me (or tell me what to do)? I put all the info on discord.


Hey, @awesomeT43, would you consider tag zones to be brown or clear?

Aren’t blue and cyan completely different colors? (or shades?)