Let's Develop Technical Gimkit Notation!

Re, Wi. [I forget how to do the invisible text thing]

wire repeater can only be used with wires?

Whatever the final Notiantion is, I’ll code up an Algitherom for it on scratch
(Yes scratch, very easy to use then)


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Thank you.

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If we do abbreviations, we could make it so it’s designed like the periodic table of the elements, and then we could use this to sort them into groups like the elements.

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Marking this moment in the history of TGK

Got it. Once a poll is posted about preferred way to do this topic, then ill code it up.

Thats gonna take a lot of hardcoding (manually entering it in)

I could just design it using Google sheets or a software.

@Shdwy IDEA: We could use the memory values of the different devices in the table like atomic weights to determine the order.


But the thing is, not everyone can view google sheets of other people.
But, on the bright side, you can make a link so you can make a copy of that google sheet and view it within your organization/

But then people have more clutter.

I’m fully prepared to take on the full job of making the entire table if that’s what Shdwy is ok with.

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Google sites? that could work

No, that doesn’t work

I’m on a school computer.

Can a has some templates. Look at this:

Besides, people already collaborated and assembled 3 TUGTED’s , which have lists and descriptions of every device.

Canva* plus, you can view it within orgs

But I think people don’t like canva, but it could work, as it is the only unblocked between every org that anyone can make an account, or view without an account, and everybody can see it.