S.N.O.W. Vent Ideas

I have made a map where you can vent (noo it’s not an among us map) So anyways what should be put in them? have a ‘fan’ that kills you when you touch it already.

Add sticky zones that slow you inside the vent.

Yes, good idea, but I have a speed power up though, so how would I cope with that?

Wire the zone to a trigger that checks the property lvl of your speed upgrade and if it is equal it broadcasts a message on channel to regrant the speed.
If you don’t get what I’m saying, use this guide:

I know this is off topic but can you insert videos?

Yes you can, you use a video to gif converter.
Make sure the file size is less than 4MB.

Also (off-topic) I have my map published so you can play it if you want

Your game is good but I activated the laser and it won’t turn off I have reloaded it 3 times and ended the game 2 times. Also, I can still pick up money from the cash pile even though it is gone.

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