-<RPG map thing>-

(sorry i’m asking a lot of questions)

For one it helps with memory
As long as I do something different I can make it easier or harder

Wait, do you want twist ideas for the rooms?
I suggest adding twists that fit the environment, (ex. desert environment slows you, ice in snowy environment damages you etc.)

this is similar to my old post
Ideas for areas in my dungeon crawler


i am so not following this

water slows you down

In the game? So in one of the levels, you’re slowed down for a long time?

okay if you want to help can you please

  1. vote Infiltrate the Game: I need help - #27 by Foxy
  2. name the impossible challenge
  3. name the map (it floats in the void)
  4. build something(include sentries)

How about “The DeepSpace”?

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Cursed charmander room
code no longer works

ROFL the picture is hilarious

Maybe have a time limit for the rooms (not sure how that’d work) and call it “Room Rush”

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where’d you find charmander

I based it off of pixel art

Edit: what other rooms would you like to see?

yeah but where from tho

What do you mean @Trasch?

like did you make it yourself or find it somewhere
if you found it, please tell me where

this was the original

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I think he meant like what website.

that makes sense I can’t give you that because this is a school account

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For the impossible challenge, you could call it God Challenge or Impossible Challenge.

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