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One more vote!

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the Imppochallenge


One more vote!

please vote guys

can someone design some rooms?

Gim-egeddon like armageddon

okay if you want to help can you please

1. name the impossible challenge*
2. never mind named it myself
3. design a room

*simple names please

The deep dark abyss dimension


Er, this already has a lot of names. Try searching up “gimegeddon” on the gimkit discovery, @Gimkitsuggestor !

Alright then, you can use that name, @Foxy.


Name the map(a place that floats in the void and a secret hideout)
  • The void
  • Deep Space
  • The Abyss
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Name the impossible challenge
  • The impossible challenge
  • The impocco challenge
  • The Void challenge
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Extra, what should be added to the game?
  • Lore
  • Cheat codes
  • Sequel/new map
  • Boss fight
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Comment other ideas!

Note: I decided to change the main layout of the game so instead of level it will be different modes
casual mode
normal mode
impossible/whatever it gets named challenge

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is anyone willing to make a large greenhouse?

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okay everyone wants the abyss; I’ll close that poll thanks to everyone that voted!

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I can possibly make a large greenhouse (I haven’t been able to play GCk for a while so if I do it make take a little longer than it should)

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it’s fine it’s a pretty long project just make it nice and large

okay I closed all the polls the winners are:
The Abyss
The Void challenge
Lore and boss fights
thank you to everyone that voted

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How would cheat codes work?

Ok when would you like me to start I can probably Start like rn

there would be a area with a combination code and if you know the code you can input it and activate ways to make the game easier
I might add it later not for now though

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feel free to start whenever