-<RPG map thing>-

I am making a game where you are wanted and have to sneak around
cities and areas are nice everything is high tech
The main thing I need is challenges

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Can I Help You Please?

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sure @SuperIzzyGuy I need pictures of puzzles I can add to the map

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can it include boats?

Sorry I did not say this but it is robot themed
I’ll go edit the first post

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Who temporarily made this a community made guide? this belongs in the help section

Maybe an invisible maze?
top area

bottom area

(i used this in my minigame map)

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Thanks the sentries are a lot of memory though and I am trying to save them

I am making 5-10 levels plus the impossible challenge

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Can someone design a room?

One thing you could make is a maze of random teleporters, and players don’t know where the teleporters will lead to, so they need to try each one.


you dont need the sentries though

@Gimkitsuggestor The game is not about scenery sorry

its a boat though @Foxy why cant you use it?

@Foxy nice! Can’t wait to play it when your finished! But…”impossible/asian” that’s…kinda racist…

Some ideas form my game

(Do you see the hidden image? An among us character lol)
You should also add some Easter eggs.

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It is a joke It is not meant to be racist I didn’t actually name the challenge yet

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I might use it; is very unlikely though
please try to design rooms those are much more useful

This is the lobby so far