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among us room

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add glass on the ground that hurts you and what about keycards to open areas and then follow this guide to have friendly sentries seem like player
How to: Turn Sentry into Gim | Difficulty 0/10

good ideas
will probably use the glass idea
the sentries need to be robots for this map though

@Foxy Oh. Sorry. I thought u litterly meant it.

Asian challenge in video games is a challenge with way too many annoying rules

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BTW, your boat picture is cool!

Questions for game

how many parts should each level have?
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
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What should the impossible challenge be named?

Do you mean the impossible challenge at the end of the game?

The impossible challenge is a challenge where you do all the levels in order with harder rules

I wanted to see if anyone had other name ideas for it

So you want the name for basically a game mode?

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Hm, well, in that case… maybe Immersion? Or challenge mode?

I am mainly focused on rooms but naming things would be great to

Alright. By the rooms do you mean you’re focused on naming the rooms?

I mean making them like this

So making them look like something from another game?

In this game some rooms repeat so I need them and I just add them to the level I want and yeah easter eggs help too

What do you mean by “need them”? And you add them to the level you want? Wdym (sorry)

Here are some other rooms

Edit: I use rooms multiple times with different rules
there are multiple levels in this game so some of them use the same rooms

Why do they use the same rooms?