Roleplay Gimkit

Hi Everyone,
I was just wondering if anyone had any ideas for a game I’m making.
I want to make a roleplay game,
if anyone had any invention ideas or anything let me know down below!

By invention ideas, do you mean how to make it or something about inventing things in-game?


These guides might help:

Maybe people roleplay as countries or lands and they can capture different areas and take it as their own land to build a defense from there.


Im making a rp right now and be sure to add interactibility to your game, otherwise it’ll be boring!


Both, I want to add a lot of ideas in :slight_smile:

how to make a sentry give money for doing a task? I want to make it so when you do a “chore” you get money

What tasks do you want?
Connect the device that completes the task to an item granter.

I mean this is like a task/quest guide, idk if this was what you were asking for but…

you can just edit a few stuff, like the reward, dialogue, the quest and stuff like that

thanks @Aubec7 , I’ll check it out right now!

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if you found a solution, don’t forget to mark it!

This page is for ideas, so I won’t mark one yet.

this is another topic about this, maybe it’ll help…