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Hi guys! I am trying to make a game where there are many worlds, but I need help with 2 things:

  1. Is there a way to make a huge version of the popup device like in humans vs zombies?
  2. List as many ideas that you think I can fit with the memory capacity in the comments

I am going to use my chat as well:

  1. How to make an in-game chat system (Now with photos!) (WIP)
  2. How to make an in-game chat system Difficulty: :orange_square: (OUT OF DATE)

Thank you!


You could use the banner version.

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isn’t that smaller?

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It makes it’s longer though.
You could try using barriers and text like the instructions on Gimkit Gamemodes.

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at least I think from the description it is smaller.

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I could just make buttons and it could teleport them

also, can you add photos to the terrain like the game modes have instructions?

Yes, Apoll02 created his 2D Platformer with it by hiding the player under a barrier.
You could recreate a bunch of 1D gamemodes with this.

No, custom images are not supported yet.


by 1d?

Games such as Classic, Teams, Trust No one, Humans vs Zombies, Floor is Lava etc. There aren’t any Gims. Just click

You can only use these images


got it! thank you @max1

by the way - it isn’t solved - yet

You gave us a setting. Is it a Planet vs Planet fight? Is it Colonize the planets? Or by world do you mean plane? Like different dimensions?
Tell us whether it is Free For All, Teams, Co-op
If it is planets, maybe a gravity system which slows you down/speeds you up

idk if ur gonna use this but you could have like a area with some text below
for example
one way out
have some plants and maybe a item spawner with a zapper (ofc use walls so u can’t get in)
then have the text say the game name
then have a button to teleport you there.

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I just realized, If i have the setting at cooperative, I won’t be able to do the team games, and I think there is a way to do 2 things at once with the button, right @RektRainbow? I am going to use that if this works! I could have a team switcher and a teleporter

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that could be a good idea but what if you could make it where if you click a buttong u get switch to a team?

Is this solved, or no?

That’d what I am saying @margimkitcreator